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PaperClip is a literature knowledge management tool for academic researchers, helping them dig out valuable knowledge from readings and notes, assist thinking and analysis, and support the research process like topic selection. Its mental model is the zettelkasten card box note-taking method, and knowledge graph technology supports its function.

💻 Prototype

👉 Click the link explore the prototype in full screen!

📚 Research

In the research process, researchers need to deal with a large amount of literary knowledge and explore and discover. And knowledge graph technology can translate knowledge in the Internet and academic literature into a data format that is more suitable for human cognition and machine processing. Therefore, I try to apply knowledge graph technology to interaction design to assist the knowledge management of literature research.

👨‍🎓 User Research – Academic Researcher

🔍 Tech Research – Knowledge Graph

📖 Competitive Product – Knowledge Management

🎯 Concept

🔨 Product Framework

🔩 Define Functions

🔍 Technical Framework

🎨 Design

Subscription: This allows you to subscribe to the papers you want with keywords, authors, or publications easily. Meet your daily reading needs!

Note: Here you can easily highlight an article and add comments to it. These will be stored in the card box in the form of cards. There is also an entry function to assist with reading.

Canvas: Organize the cards on the canvas freely and easily. You can use groups, links, and tree diagrams to organize and think about their connections.

Analysis: Here you can select the card you want to analyze and generate a visual knowledge graph. Not only can you analyze the conceptual relationships mentioned in the cards, but also the paper information they link to.

If you want to learn more about the details of this project, you can see the detailed introduction video (in Chinese) below.

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