MOSEY – 2030 Driving Experience Design

“Mosey is a Future Driving Experience Design based on Human-machine Symbiosis”

In 2030, Autopilot is between L3 and L4 stage, and the driver can’t leave his or her attention completely away from driving. The relationship between the driver and the car will be blurred, and the trust in the vehicle will gradually decrease. So we tried to create a new human-vehicle relationship in which the user will develop a special understanding with his car to achieve the purpose of human-computer symbiosis.

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  1. Hi Chen,
    Inspired by your works I would say you are so professional in your fields. But for the 2030 drive experience design, I don’t really think we will have driveless come to our life that soon. Being an industrial designer means one should be more realistic than artist at least right?
    Well that’s just my opinion. I admire your expertise!

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thanks for your watching! I am so glad to talk with other designer about how we “define” future.
      In this project, my perspective to future is surely more optimistic. But not all the industrial design project about future needs a optimistic thinking.
      I think we can also consider some kind of danger in the future, such as unsafety of driverless, climate crisis and so on.
      Choosing one of the perspective as a project start point and make the logical problem thinking, it will helps to generate a good design!
      If you have anymore problem, you can send me the email to or add my WeChat: maoshuo_chen

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